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Erica Lee Martin (aka Doll Normal) is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal, who has been classically trained in singing and acting. Her unique style couples intricate melodies with honest, compelling lyrics and a dollop of humour. 

While determined to create catchy, interesting songs, Erica's varied musical taste has resulted in an eclectic oeuvre. The Patio, the first single from her 2020 album Dreams, was described by Fox Sleep Music as "what it might sound like if Björk produced a Joni Mitchell track". Meanwhile her 3rd single, The Party, is reminiscent of the 1940s Weimar jazz era.  
Erica uses her colourful skillset to create music videos from her small flat in London, UK. She enjoys telling a story visually almost as much as musically.

Doll Normal's music has been featured on radio stations all over the world from Vancouver's QueerFM to London's Islington Radio. Her album Dreams also received critical acclaim from her hometown of Montreal's premiere music magazine La Scena Musicale. 
The PatioDoll Normal
00:00 / 03:03
That NightDoll Normal
00:00 / 04:06
Take My Picture (feat. David Russell Martin)Doll Normal
00:00 / 02:55
With Erica Lee Martin’s witty lyricism, expansive vocal range and weaving melodies, “The Patio” gives a heady account of summertime infatuation against a dream-pop backdrop of rhythmic synths and minimalist beats: What it might sound like if Björk produced a Joni Mitchell track.
-Fox Sleep Music
Sonorous collisions, movements, rhythms ... everything is carefully linked to the texts, and with particular refinement
-La Scena Musicale
I really loved this album and the visuals that went along with it. It made me feel nostalgic...
-Anna's Not Here
It's like a walk through a movie, some songs with a sad touch, others so full of ease and happiness, every song is sung so movingly.
-Martina Dörner, Orange Hat Radio
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