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It's amazing that music is readily available for anyone with an internet connection. It allows people to listen to their favourite songs whenever they need to, and it allows me as a creator to upload new tracks whenever I want. However, most music platforms don't pay the artists as well as they should. Spotify currently pays musicians roughly $0.006 per stream. So if I wanted to make just $1000 from Spotify, I'd need to have at least 150,000 streams. To make a real income that number would need to grow significantly. This is why I've turned to Patreon

Patreon is a great way for fans to contribute to an artist they admire without a contract or a monthly subscription. You pledge what you want and you can change that amount at any time. In turn, it allows the artist to connect directly with fans and actively work to make material for these generous patrons. I'm asking for small pledges per creation which in my case means per song or per music video. As a starting point, I'd love to be able to put out one whole album's worth of songs + 5 music videos a year. And with your help, it could really happen!

As a patron you get access to the patrons-only feed where I talk about what's going on behind the music. You'll get sneak previews of my new stuff and even have a say in what I work on next. You'll get private live streams and depending on how much you pledge, you could even get a song written for you!

If you'd like to become part of the Patreon community, click here.

If you're not ready to commit, you can also donate through Paypal or Ko-fi

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